The allergy testing for your horse

With our comprehensive allergy testing especially for horses we provide evidence of the cause!

The suspicion of an allergic disease arises, when a horse coughs or shows a cutaneous reaction suddenly and close to alterations of weather, feeding, environment or other factors. Or when it happens in relation with distinct procedures, like feeding hay, entering the riding hall, pasture e.g. (and horses around do not react).
A quarter of all horses is susceptible for allergic sensibilisation and the frequency of these affections increases.
However, allergy is an individual disease, and the illness is provoked by the strength and the combination of allergic reactions.
Not helpful in diagnosis is a testing with few, but very different allergens, that claims to reveal a general statement about an allergic disease. The devil is in the details.

Only a comprehensive allergy testing with numerous separate substances helps to find the trigger of allergy!

Effective allergy testing can exclusively performed by a serological test using a blood sample..
Our concept of an allergy testing is based on the experience of 20 years of examination of allergy of horses. Therefore the results lead to an purposeful therapy:
Reasonable elimination, e.g. avoidance of allergens and/or an effective immune therapy.

We offer support of the treatment of an allergic disease of your horse:
- A comprehensive, detailed and flexible allergy testing as a basis to uncover the trigger of allergic disease.
- Individual advice to veterinarians and owners on the results of the testing and on the measures for therapy
- Proposal of a recipe for specific immune therapy (SIT) and broke of reasonable prized medicaments.

This way you can achieve a successful treatment of the allergic reaction of your horse on a reasonable prise.

Baumpollen können Allergien auslösen   Milben können Allergien auslösen   Getreide können Allergien auslösen   Schimmelpilze können Allergien auslösen

We even examine blood samples of  dogs and cats for mediators of allergic reactions: Questionaire here (still in German)!